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“I left my three-story house, with its snow plowing and grass cutting, and was very pleased with Drum Hill’s warm welcome and the family-like spirit of the staff. I am charmed with the diversity of the residents and the many interesting events presented here. This would be a hard place to leave.”

~Lillian, 2 year resident.

"It is a continuation of my whole life; except now I am being waited on!"

~Marguerite, 6 year resident.

"Before coming to Drum Hill I had lost my husband, I was always home and lonely with out him. I desired Drum Hill for a sense of security and closeness to the community...And here I am, never alone!"

~Dolly, 9 year resident.

"I use to travel alot, my health has limited it over the last few years but I find living here is like a vacation 365 days a year! With all the activities, entertainment and food I wake up to a new desination every morning!"

~David, 3 year resident.

"Over the years I have lost a lot of close friends, but I have gained so many new ones living here!"

~Antoinette, 8 year resident.

"Originally my daughter in law had come to Drum Hill for her parents, after hearing about her visit my daughter and I had come to check it out. I had no intentions of moving out of my home,  I just wanted to see what they had to offer until I saw the view of the Hudson River from here. Within 30 days I had sold my house and called Drum Hill home!"

~Flossy, 1 1/2 year resident.